Wedding Hair In Provence

   Wedding Hair In Provence

Wedding Hair Stylist

I would like to introduce you to Raina Stinson, an international award winning commercial, fine art, and wedding photographer . Raina is gifted at photographing couples to create unique, fun and beautiful imagery, and at the same time create beautiful works of art.  Raina enjoys telling authentic stories through her imagery. She works well under pressure, and is very good  with people, and has a calming affect.  She brings a lot of creativity, and spontaneity to her work, and has a very good sense of humor.  Raina and I work very well together, so we have decided work together as a team, when at all possible.  I will always work with the photographer of your choice, but take a look at Raina's work as you are searching for your wedding photographer.  She is very talented, and I love working with her.

Check out the photo gallery below, to see photos from a wedding and pre-wedding photo sessions that I did with Raina. 

Click here to visit Raina Stinson Photography's wedding and pre-wedding photography site, and see more of her work.

Below are a few examples of our work together.  Enjoy!

Pre-wedding in Joucas, Provence

Pre-Wedding, France

Click here to visit Raina's wedding photography website.